Masonry Repair Service

When we think of masonry repairs, this can include items such as sawing out and replacing individual bricks, which may be porous, worn, cracked, or spalled. Cracked mortar joints are a common problem that must be addressed with concern for the replacement mortar color.
Sometimes an entire wall needs to be disassembled, brick cleaned, and reassembled.
It could also include resurfacing a deficient area of spalled foundation wall. Many foundations have what we call “corner pops.” Where the foundation corner has been stressed and cracked. These areas can be fixed by removing the fractured area and rebuilding the corner with an appropriate concrete adhesive patch material. For you next brick repair project, contact us

Stone Masonry Repair

Exterior and Interior Stone work featuring natural and manufactured stone

Stone veneer

Stone Columns 

Flagstone walkways

Tuckpointing  Stone work

Brick Masonry Repair

Brick Walls

Brick Veneer

Block Work

Brick Columns 

Tuckpointing Brick work

Custom Fireplace Build / Repair

Custom Fireplaces

Pizza ovens

Fire Pits

Chimney Repair

Stone Chimneys

Brick Chimneys

Repointing Brick

Sealer and Waterproofing Chimneys

Chimney Crown Repair


Planter Wall Build / Repair

Natural stone steps in gardens

Garden walls

Retaining walls Build / Repair

Masonry Restoration

Restoration of stone work

Repointing brick work

Grinding and tuckpointing cracked joints


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