Who We Are?

About Us

Everyone has driven by a house and seen a poorly done brick repair job and thought, “I’m sure it looked better before the repair.” Mortar color, brick matching, overall cleanliness, and care, go a long way on a masonry repair job.

We pay a lot of attention to details. The details don’t just make the product, they are the product. With this in mind we have to be mindful of every stage of the process and every product being used throughout the restoration.

We are a very small operation, about 3 people. The size of our company allows us to be very focused and attentive to our customers.

For 3 generations the Young Family have been working to achieve masonry excellence. 70 years of experience has created a passion for perfection, appreciation for our client’s homes, and an honest integrity that helps us to always do what’s right.

We’re a “God first,” company that strives to bear the name of Christ above all.

Choose our masonry services to:

  • Increase the thermal mass of your residential or commercial building
  • Provide your structure with reduced life-cycle costs because the brick general will never need painting
  • Provide fire protection
  • Withstand the test of time with brick and stone masonry structures that are resistant to wear from extreme weather, as well as debris from projectiles during high wind
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